I see it at just about every home and garden show. The "quick Remodel"... It doesn't matter if it is a one day remodel, a five day remodel or a two week remodel. When you put "Quick" as the leading item in your list of must haves, you are setting yourself up to failure. When you are spending good money on a remodel project, you are investing in your investment. The only way you are going to get to a faster than normal remodel is taking short cuts. Many times with a bathroom remodel if you are applying the correct waterproofing membrane and getting all of the required inspections for Electrical and plumbing it is nearly impossible to do a week long bathroom remodel. You can easily lose a couple of days waiting for inspections and waterproofing materials to dry. In many cases your most dangerous room is the bathroom. Every room about 235,000 people end up in the Emergency room due to bathroom injuries. Was the electrical run correctly? Was the plumbing done safely with the right materials? Water damage is something that can ruin your investment quickly. Was it done correctly? Do you want your contractor guessing on the size of the shower door or do you want them to order it based on the finished dimensions so it fits like a glove? 

You see many times "fast" limits your materials, puts many people working on top of each other, and pushing the limits of materials drying correctly, and the building permit process. 

As a homeowner you are being protected by the building permit process as that is really the only mechanism to make sure things were done safely. Even though it really doesn't address the quality of workmanship it does help you with the health, safety, and workmanship. That you will need to use your own eye to make sure things look finished. 

If you do your research and hire the right licensed and bonded contractor, make sure that all the lead and asbestos testing rules are followed, and make sure building permits are used you have a good chance of getting an amazing project.

Don't fall into the gimmick of a quick remodel. You want a GREAT remodel. The few weeks you saved in time will be made up in the end with a project that should last a lot longer. 

-Eric G 


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Remodeling Quickly is the wrong approach to your next remodeling project