Design Services by ​Eric G

​Thank you to REF Construction and Family Building Services for being the Contractor of Record for many of the projects shown above 

Design by Eric G ​provides Professional Design Services based upon your individual project. Eric Goranson, CKD has over 27 years of Kitchen, Bath, and Interior Design experience and project management. In many situations a Professional Designer only costs 4% of the project price. The great news is that you can save that and more by using a professional that can design your project using materials that fit into your budget, gives you your wants and needs,  can function well, and you will end up with a project you can enjoy. A design that is beautiful and doesn't function well is one that will not be as enjoyable as you experience the space moving forward well after the project has been completed. Our job is to create a space that reflects you and your lifestyle. 

Eric G has spent a majority of his career designing amazing Kitchens and Baths and is known for his Designs all over the Northwest. These spaces are the most complex in your home and you need an expert to help you navigate current materials, design trends, and construction methods. 

The initial Consultation is free as you need to know a basic budget and feasibility before you get involved with the entire project. Eric G also designs around your budget. Every project has a budget associated with it. When you are working with a designer make sure they are working with your contractor so you are not designing a project that can't be built.